We talk about if sleep provided the world with energy, like electricity.

Hey, it's Becca's first real episode! And we wanna hear from you, too! How would we do so? Any of the following means of communication should suffice. There's a bit in the episode where Mikey, oh so unprofessionally erupts into a fit of laughter because I sent a stupid text message in the middle of the episode distracting everyone for a bit for no reason whatsoever. You could have joined in in the fun as well, but nooooooooo, you didn't tune into the stream. What's that? You didn't know there was a stream? Well, that's partially because it's supposed to be either on Tuesday or Thursday (night), but actually landed on Friday, but you could have still found out about it had you just followed us on Twitter. I'll announce it generally right when everything is set up and we're getting out 30% of the giggles. POINT IS, we know you're there. Talk to us. We don't bite.




Email: stasis307@gmail.com

P.S. I'm actually not 100% on the whole not biting thing, but I am 40% sure that 33.3% of us are 20% caught up on our shots, and no, I am not that 33.3%. Tweet at me (is that what the kids say?) if you bother to figure the likelihood of catching something if one of us randomly bite you. The prize will go to whomever Tweets the correct (I won't check) answer first

P.P.S The prize is my concern.


There is speak of a graph this episode...

There is speak of a graph this episode...